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Sync the City Winner 2019


Our Project

In November 2019, me and my partner Roby Cipolletta entered at Sync the City with a project that, as the judges said when they were concluding the event, "there was no doubt in our minds since day one that they would ultimately win this year's prize!"

The project idea was to create a horror game, one that takes away one of the 5 senses we take for granted in our daily lives, vision. With support and collaboration with Norfolk Vision, a charity that supports the blind and visually impaired, we were able to fully recognize a game that not only is fully inclusive for those with visual impairment, but is also very immersive for people with no visual issue all in the span of 54 hours!

The video above is one that I made for the final presentation using footage of some of the people that agreed to be filmed while testing out the game.

Aside from that, we had many people come in on the final day of the event who decided to come up to our stand to test out the game! Pictures below.

I was also tasked to work on the branding of littleOnion Games so we can present ourselves on the stage, in the branding, I took into consideration the several things that our contact at Vision Norfolk advised us about, specific fonts that the partially sighted find easier to read, level of contrast in the work, and I even decided to work on a color palette that was inclusive to people with the most common type of color blindness in the world!

Below is NorDev magazine's take on the event!

Couldn't Have Done it Without This Amazing Team!


Roby Cipolletta

Creative Director


Phil McSweeney

Investment Advisor


Mark Dunmore

Accounting & Finance


Adam Groom

Demo Developer


James Dornan

Demo Developer

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